Hosting Service

In the hosting service, we care about helping and supporting our customers to reach the highest levels of flexibility, efficiency and communication.

So we provide Virtual Private Servers that enable them to take advantage of hosting advantages, allow more or less space, and save them infrastructure costs when demands are low. This leads to determining the required percentage of the facility's business needs, with uninterrupted supplies and an operating rate of 99.9%.

Our Partners

Our hosting services cover the following areas

Shared hosting

This service benefits business owners who need cloud services according to their required needs. At Hawsabah we offer them high security and privacy shared hosting that is cost effective

Virtual Private Servers

Our customers can get a dedicated server at competitive and reasonable prices compared to the service provided and the professionalism of our team of experts,

Dedicated servers

It serves the facilities that require large amounts of energy and technology to process their business quickly and efficiently, so we provide dedicated server services with full features designed to be exclusive only to the facility that wants to use

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