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About Us?

Hawsabah is a Saudi tech company that focuses on transforming facilities to new generation technologies and advanced business solutions.
We innovate and develop digital solutions in the field of information technology to keep pace with the digital transformation.
At Hawsabah we analyze and evaluate all customer requirements with the help of a team of experts, engineers and consultants.

Our Vision

To be known as an organization’s enabler to be more agile and succussed.

Our Mission

Creating high standards in the technology sector in order to provide the best solutions, services and innovative platforms for enterprises and individuals to help them reach high and advanced levels of flexibility, efficiency and communication.

Our Principles

Clarity and Transparency

Honesty and honesty

Speed ​​and flexibility

Commitment and Responsibility

Why Us?

At Hawsabah Company, we are passionate about work and creativity by following up on the latest technical solutions, developing them and presenting them to customers in the easiest and fastest way possible.
This is for us to save the customer's time by obtaining these advanced services and knowing the latest developments in the modern world of technology.
We work tirelessly to be among the first to provide the best solutions with pride.
customers with all technical and engineering consultancy to reach the desired goal by providing appropriate solutions for them and their needs without giving priority to the profit aspect mainly compared to the search for excellence and quality in the work provided to gain the confidence of customers and work on the principle of quantity by providing a wide and large customer base.
In addition to that, we are keen on applying quality and efficiency standards by following up on the progress of projects through a specialized department and a professional team in project management, and obtaining an assessment of customer satisfaction during and after the completion of work on the project, developing and improving quality and addressing errors based on observations, if any.

Our Clients

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