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Hawsabah in a glance

Hawsabah in Arabic means "Computing" where our core business lies.

We belief that the computing is one of the most critical and cost sensitive part of any organization’s infrastructure.
From our experience in the Large Enterprises, Government Agencies, and even Small & Medium Businesses we found out that the computing part is the least optimized part and executives are not paying enough attention to its importance. In Hawsabah we target the exact problem root, not the symptoms. We assess organization's pain points by adopting the correct resources, using the right tools and following the correct procedure. Our expertise starts from the basic systems of the infrastructures to the most and complex advances solutions on top of it.


We in Hawsabah have a technology lab to practice and innovate in the next generation technologies.

Hawsabah Lab creates insight into how computing products — from complex infrastructure to simple software — can be designed to change what organizations believe and what they do.

Our major projects work around the cloud computing technologies in many areas like network infrastructure, security solutions, platforms and software.


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